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Bachelor program “Life Safety in Technosphere”

Program code: 20.03.01

Specialization: Management in Life Safety in Technosphere
Department of Radioelectronic Technologies and Environmental Monitoring

Last decades are marked with growing number of technogenic accidents and ecological disasters which spur the demand for professionals in the sphere of life safety. The main motto of the program “Life Safety in Technosphere” is to prevent initiation of technogenic and natural disasters, and, in case they happen, to save people lives and promptly eliminate the aftermath.

Special attention is paid to radiological and electro-magnetic safety. Relevance of this problem is instigated by the prevalence of electronics, computers, mobile devices in households and industrial factories, as well as by the development of nuclear power generating plants.

Since 2011 the Federal Target Program “Overcoming of aftermath of radiation accidents and disasters till 2015" has been fulfilled in Russia, which underlines the importance of radiological safety for our country.

Bachelors at "Life Safety in Technosphere” study the following subjects: mechanics, fluid dynamics, thermal physics, electronics and electrical engineering, bio-medical basics of safety, reliability of engineering systems and technogenic dangers, technosphere safety control, security supervision and control, etc.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the «Life Safety in Technosphere» Master degree program.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at “Life Safety in Technosphere” are participants to the following project:

Influence of physical factors on labor safety and efficiency. The project participants compile the recommendations as to standardization of physical factors at work places, such standardization being viewed as favorable for the people’s health and labor output. Students research the following exposures: temperature, illumination level and light pulsation. In the pretext of market economy and social instability the problem of negligence of labor legislation in terms of normal operational environment is becoming more and more aggravated. In the meantime, health and life protection of manpower shall be among the priority tasks for the government and the employers. This is why research activities of such kind are relevant and sought-for.