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Bachelor program “Management”

Program code: 38.03.02

Specialization: Project Management
Department of Economics

The new focus on innovative transformation in the economy has created a demand for a new generation of managers who can professionally manage production, human and other resources, and complex research and innovation projects.

The Faculty of Economics provides all conditions necessary for training of project management professionals who can initiate projects, manage the key elements of the project, and oversee project execution as a whole.

Project managers are key figures in entrepreneurship, high-tech segments of the economy, construction, and the IT industry. Large investment companies and banks also seek to hire project managers who are tasked with development of customer service standards and adoption of modern competitive technologies. When working for internet-companies, project managers implement marketing projects, supervise website launches and development of new apps.

Project managers are high in demand, with tens of thousands jobs offered annually by business and governmental projects.

Project managers must have good leadership skills, be able to formulate and implement plans, and multitask. Job applicants is also required to demonstrate people skills, analytical thinking and result-orientedness, as well as the ability to handle stress.

Whatever area you choose to work in, a Bachelor or Master degree in Project Management will create excellent career opportunities for graduates.

Specialization: Economics and Business Management
Department of Economics

One of the last tendencies in business world is the increased attention to the problems of management at all levels of economy management. Effective economy based on knowledge is first of all effective control that requires modern management to exercise creativity, result-orientation, and initiativity and wish to fulfill different projects.

The objective of the program “Economics and Business Management” is to prepare high-qualified managers, capable of solving a wide range of tasks related to business planning and arrangement, effective use of all organizational assets; analyzing financial and management reports; arranging effective work at different organizations from various spheres. This program assumes formation of professionally relevant competencies like responsibility, communication skills, ability to make personal judgments, self-education, information culture, etc.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue with Master degree programs.