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Bachelor program “Mechatronics and Robotics”

Program code: 15.03.06

Specialization: Design in Robotics and Control Systems
Department of Innovation Management

The program delivers an in-depth study of design, study, engineering and operation of mechatronic and robotic systems, with a balanced ratio of theoretical studies and practice. The curriculum includes mechanics, electronics, programming, design, and control systems.

As part of the program, students carry out theoretical and experimental research in multipurpose robotic systems, their subsystems and individual modules; study design methods and aids; develop new methods and algorithms for control and information processing; find new technical solutions for mechatronic and robotic complexes.

Relevance and value

Widespread application of robotic systems in science-intensive industries (space, petroleum, healthcare, defense) make them seek to employ professionals with an expertise in design, engineering and operation of such systems. The program curriculum ensures that students develop a broad mind and acquire a wide range of competencies for a career in robotics and adjacent domains. Modern engineering equipment, mobile robots, drones all represent extremely complex technology that utilizes various mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and software modules, and our students learn to design, develop, study and operate such systems and complexes.

Graduates with a degree in Mechatronics and Robotics will find employment at industrial enterprises and in research laboratories where they will be designing specialized equipment and software and research such systems with the aim of further improving their properties.


To train professionals who are knowledgeable about the modern issues of robotics, capable of finding solutions for various scientific, engineering and process problems in development of control algorithms, software, and robotic systems.


know the latest information technologies and can use modern tools for automated design and computer graphics for system engineering;

can collect, process, analyze and systemize scientific information and use international best practices for professional purposes;

create mathematical simulations of mechatronic and robotic systems, their subsystems, elements and modules;

develop software for information processing and control in mechatronic and robotic systems;

carry out experiments on working models, sample mechatronic and robotic systems following specific techniques and process results using modern information technologies and devices;

contribute to research and development of new robotic and mechatronic systems;

carry out calculations and design of individual devices and subsystems for mechatronic and robotic systems using standard actuation and control devices, automation tools, measuring and computing devices in compliance with the work statement;

develop engineering and design documentation for the mechanic, electrical, and electronic elements of mechatronic and robotic systems in accordance with applicable standards and specifications.