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Bachelor program "Photonics and Optical Informatics"

Program code: 12.03.03

Specialization: Photonics of Nonlinear Waveguide and Periodic Structures
Department of Electronic Devices

Photonics and optical informatics is a new technology intensive area of science and engineering which is known to be a subject of dozens of major conferences: Photonics West, Optical Informatics, Photonics Europe and others. TUSUR University is one of six Russian Universities teaching the program “Photonics and Optical Informatics” 

Subjects of photonics and optical informatics are materials, devices, methods and technologies enabling data transmission, receipt, processing, displaying and storage on such tangible media as photons. These are laser and laser systems; fiber-optic equipment; light emitting diodes, displays and light engineering; optical control and measurement equipment; sensors and detectors; laser communication and optical informatics systems; holographic systems; biomedical equipment based on photon technology.

The main task for the graduates of the program is to miniaturize and integrate optical elements into devices, create multifunctional optic materials and systems, shift from analogue optic devices to digital ones, develop optic technologies for ultra-speed transmission, processing and recording of data, build up optic computers and artificial intelligence.

Nowadays the global photonics market is assessed at 500 billion US dollars per year, and for the next five years it will double in value. Photonics is considered to be the main driving force of innovation in the 21st century by the leading experts of Europe. Development of optic information telecommunication technologies takes its top place in the list of Russian science, technology and engineering priorities.

Bachelors majoring in “Photonics of Nonlinear Waveguide and Periodic Structures” acquire deep knowledge and skills in such areas as optical physics, theory of information and coding, computing system architecture, optical materials engineering, optical informatics, functional instruments and optical systems, photonic technologies. Students of this department have repeatedly been honored with the Tomsk Region Students’ Award in the sphere of education and science, they won grants of Russian and foreign funds.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the «Photonics and Optoinformatics» Master degree program.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL).

Students at «Photonics of Nonlinear Waveguide and Periodic Structures» participate in following development works:

Development of universal process system. Within the scope of their engineering project activities our students assemble vacuum plant (with oil-free pumping) to fine-tune the technology of applying dielectric antireflection coatings on optic elements.

Elaboration of installation to measure electro-optic coefficient in potassium-titanyl-phosphate (PTP) potassium niobate crystals. Students’ tasks are, particularly, to determine quality of both crystals and optic elements manufactured from these crystals, as well as to draw up a Q-switch certificate of quality.

Spectral research of dynamics of photoinduced light absorption in sillenite crystals under conditions of external non-coherent lighting and temperature influence. Students set up experimental plants using solid-sate and semiconductive lasers and light emitting diodes, create experimental methods based on computer automation and processing systems, they investigate photoinduced physical phenomena in different crystals and make calculations redefining existing theoretical models and serving as a basis to generate new ones.