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Bachelor Program “Quality Control”

Program code: 27.03.02

Department of Innovation Management

Such professional area as quality control is the frameworks to conduct analysis and set up measures to influence manufacturing processes and services in order to provide for the highest possible quality levels. The tools to do so are introduction of quality control measures and managerial will.

The problem of quality control is rather urgent nowadays due to Russia's admittance to the World Trade Organization. Membership in the organization of such large scale calls on the Russian enterprises to demonstrate high competitiveness ratings, which evolve from quality characteristics. It is no wonder that manufacture of high-quality products is the consequence of quality-compliance at every stage of process operation, and this is true for every unit of the enterprise. Due to the fact that high-quality products promote a better living standard, quality control is becoming an acute domestic and economic problem.

Experts in quality management are capable of resolving such tasks as: Development of technical and economic solutions aimed at stabilization of manufacturing assets in innovative economies; formation of quality management systems within organizations; arrangement of audits and management system certification; provision of effective cooperation between educational, business and governmental structures.

One of the education peculiarities of the students taking "Quality Control in Information Systems” as their major is the orientation at international quality management standards (ISO 9000), environment quality management standards (ISO 14000) and methodology (MRPII and ERP). Students also are taught modern quality control methods and tools, graphic software for engineering design, data bases, metrology, standardization and certification.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with “Innovation”, “Management”, “Business process modeling and optimization” Master degree programs.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL).

Students at “Quality Control in Information Systems” participate in following development works:

Drawing up of the engineering company effectiveness criteria. This innovative-economic project aimed at creation of business processes catalogue is run by EleSy-Pro Company. Students who are involved in the project have to increase efficiency of cooperation between divisions and branches of the company.

Application development using web-technologies. The information technology project is devoted to program application development using web-technologies and shall be realized for further public usage. The customer is El Content LLC.

Risk management. This project provides for identification and analysis of different risk types relevant for the business, and allows making decisions in the context of uncertainty, maximizing positive and minimizing negative consequences under the circumstances of stagnation. The resulting methods and inventions are to be introduced to various business enterprises.