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Bachelor Program "Service"

Program code: 43.03.01

Department of Television and Control

These days a consumer becomes a central figure of market processes, as he decides what products or services to buy. Service is a field of knowledge aimed to study consumers’ needs.

70% of developed countries labor force is occupied in service – they provide services in trade, tourism, banking, law, information, advertising, publishing, transportation, education, security, communication, internet etc.

Faultless support in services is profitable and prestigious. Good service creates a good impression and attract not only draws clients, but also talented employees, which is, in turn, a basis of successful development for a business.

The Bachelor’s degree in “Service” allows our graduates to completely consort the status of a qualified specialist and act competent in the market.

“Information services” graduates are able both to create and support various information systems, and have necessary knowledge in economics and jurisprudence to organize and run their own enterprises.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at "Information services" participate in following development works:

Efficiency assessment for service departments. Students study the possibility of using psychological tools for service departments management. The research deliverables could be further used is small and medium-sized service business.

Computer modeling of business processes. Students carry out research in IT for business management. The work consists in developing new methods and models of business processes and proving the computer support for managerial decisions. The practical results: mathematical model for staff and innovative enterprise management, management system for company advertising, prognostic models, risk management models, imitational models for storage and stock management.

Innovative methods for service activities organization. Students study management methods for innovative projects and creative personnel; conduct research in prognosis and business-planning; study techniques for successful commercialization of projects and staff management examples through innovative management functions; learn competitive practices, marketability of innovative projects, and search for new ideas.