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Bachelor Program "Service"

Program code: 43.03.01

Specialization: Service in Social and Cultural Sphere
Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Sociology

Today, there is a high demand in the labor market for professionals in exhibition and event management for the sectors of art, entertainment, sports, education and recreation. Professionals in the social and cultural sphere can choose a career in a wide range of sectors and industries, such as fashion and entertainment, IT, consulting, wedding and event agencies, fitness and expo centers. You will master best technologies of social and cultural service and be able to hold the largest events of the highest profile.

Participation in real projects

Instruction at TUSUR University utilizes the principles of project-based group learning.

Projects are developed through a system for inter-regional collaboration among students with different academic majors and from different universities, promoting professional cooperation and contacts between students and employees within the Siberian region.

National Cultures Festival. Students and faculty organize events designed to promote tolerance among ethnicities of Tomsk, and educate the public on national cultures of the world. The festival provides an innovative method of youth outreach.

Constructing research, education, and social practices for the youth. The project aims to cultivate and practice the skills for research and social work, as well as deep understanding of the social reality. Within this project, students work on description and analysis of cases, conduct expert interviews, analyze youth activities, etc.

These and many more projects are used in the curriculum at the Department of Philosophy and Sociology, and any student may propose a new one that will be used in project-based group learning.