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Bachelor program “Public and Local Administration”

Program code: 38.03.04

Specialization: Territory Administration
Department of Data Processing Automation

A degree in Public and Local Administration provides an excellent educational background for those who aim to build a successful career and acquire marketable competencies in management, strategic management, team building, project management, regulatory aspects government apparatus, economics, and to master applied information technologies and tools that improve the efficiency of administrative tasks.

Top 5 competencies

Strategic thinking

Propose non-conventional approaches to socially impactful problems, navigate through and adapt to changes in the world, country, region, city.

Introduce new methods and approaches, generate new high-potential ideas for the social and economic development of the country.

Technology and process competencies

Know regulatory details of individual industries and sectors, apply various methods of communication and resource management.

Apply tools designed to enhance efficiency of administrative solutions.

Leadership and teamwork

The team is the backbone of any project or organization. Feel the team members, assign functions and organize well-coordinated work focused on the goal.

Motivate staff.

Keep records.

Personal performance

Efficient management for the government, society and self.

Self management, psychology, time management.

Communication skills, self presentation, persuasion skills, ability to express ideas.


The leader is the bearer of light that illuminates the path through the dark woods.

Ability for quick decision making in any situations, accurate risk assessment.

Focus on practice

The academic process is heavily focused on practice, with emphasis on the most relevant skills the today’s problems. Learning formats include trainings, workshops, project-based learning, case study, meetings with experts. Students can do internships in federal agencies and administrative bodies, including the Tomsk Administration and its divisions, departments of various cities beside Tomsk.

Choose a degree in Public and Local Administration and start a career for the good of your country, region, city or village.