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Bachelor program "State and Municipal Administration"

Program code: 38.03.04

Department of Data Processing Automation

State and Municipal Administration is a launching pad for those who want to become a professional civil servant. Having an appropriate diploma and wide spectrum of knowledge a specialist in this area can apply their skills and knowledge and skills in administrative structures.

Specifics of education for students at “State and Municipal Administration” are in harmonic combination of studied disciplines from the areas of administration, economics, law and information technologies. Making the right governmental decision is only possible in case of good familiarization with the existing legal system and dexterousness in economic analysis. Professionals in this area must follow letter of the law and effectively administer the state-owned property. But effective administrative work is not just about the regulations. Civil servants must know advanced administrative technologies well, which would allow them to build up competent relations, distribute assets, arrange people, introduce the results of their activities, and resolve conflicts. Today every civil servant comes across information technologies in his daily activities. And the degree of mastership of this technologies demonstrated by civil servants influences the promptness and quality of their decisions. These items are the basis for the education of a future civil servant with the bachelor program “State and Municipal Administration”.

During their education students are taught both by the university staff and experienced civil servants from different spheres. Knowledge reinforcement is made in classrooms where students discuss acute governmental problems, take part in business games, perform economic calculations, and in the field, i.e. in administrative structures of regions, cities, territories, state and municipal companies and organizations, political and public associations.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the “State and Municipal Administration” Master degree program.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at “State and Municipal Administration” participate in following development works:

Monitoring and auditing of state, municipal and social services. This project is focused on survey of quality and availability of services rendered by power bodies, state-financed organizations on the territory of Tomsk Region. The main direction of their work within the scope of this project is social polls. Summary of their results allows revealing the reasons of delays, queues and unjustified refusals faced by citizens when they address some organization.

Efficiency evaluation for governmental authorities. This project is devoted to development of informative and analytical system to evaluate the efficiency of governmental and municipal authorities. It will help to collect and process data about governmental authorities and impact of their activities upon people’s lives.

Electronic business book. The project is implemented together with students who study “Program engineering”. The application area for this project is the activity of local governmental bodies, rural settlements in terms of population registration, economic activities, certification, reporting, etc.