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Bachelor program "System Analysis and Control"

Program code: 28.03.03

Specialization: System Analysis and Control in Engineering Systems
Department of Modeling and System Analysis

System analysis is a scientific cognition method represented of a sequence of actions aimed at revelation of structural connections between variables and elements of the system under investigation. System analysis rests on a set of common scientific, experimental, natural scientific, statistical, mathematical methods.

Simply said, system analyst is the specialist who is capable of resolving information, administrative, technical and managerial problems. His task is to find out, "why something went wrong”, stipulate "what and how to do", demonstrate "what shall come out of it" and “what to do with it in future”.

The system analyst's professional area involves the aggregate of systems, procedures, tools and practices focused on modeling, analysis, synthesis, creation and usage of systems, devices and instruments of all sorts and purposes in order to increase design efficiency and advance the comfort of control over complex facilities.

A specialist in the area of System Analysis and Control in Engineering Systems is capable of solving the following professional tasks, in particular: usage of distributed computing system web-technologies for remote access; system-analytical task allocation in mathematical, physical and other sorts of process and object modeling, control over them; carrying of preliminary feasibility and analytical studies for design and engineering solutions; design and engineering of systems, devices and data bases using up-to-date design technologies.

Students at “System Analysis and Control in Engineering Systems” receive perfect mathematical education, acquire cutting-edge information technologies, and learn hardware and software automation instruments.

The graduates are highly competent professionals. They are goof at modeling of processes and objects of different physical nature, creation of algorithms and software for automation and control systems, manage other people.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the “Control in Engineering Systems” Master degree program (programs: “Computer-aided engineering and information processing in technology systems”, “Control automation in administrative, commercial and financial areas”).

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at «System Analysis and Control in Engineering Systems » participate in following development works:

Design of multilevel model of adaptive suspension for a motor car with due regard for road relief. This design enables to increase adaptability and reliability of motor car suspension, decrease wear of undercarriage parts, to improve general steerability.

Design of multilevel system of boiler heating with temperature control. This design offers the possibility of improving level of household heating automation, i.e. decrease the time costs and expenses to reach optimum temperature mode.

Design of table simulator for stand-alone energy self-sufficient system of outdoor lighting. The designed system consists of a compact solar battery and wind propeller. Energy received through solar and wind channel is converted into continuous voltage by the accumulator. This model can be used in city illumination elements and as a cost-effective table lamp.