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Bachelor program "Youth Outreach"

Program code: 39.03.03

Specialization: Modern Technologies in Youth Outreach
Department of Philosophy and Sociology

Youth policy is one of the newest and acutest areas in social work. Governmental youth policy is one of top priorities for Russia. These days the issue of development and testing of new methods of work with different youth categories as well as the issue of legal support for governmental youth policy and the need to improve the competency of the specialists in this sphere are quite relevant.

Specialists for youth outreach work in special youth organizations, both public and state-owned, in banking and in private companies that run a dedicated youth support programs.

Youth Outreach students acquire the informational, managerial, psychological, pedagogical and legal approaches to work with young people, they are able to validate and fulfill social projects dealing with youth policy. The bulk of their competences is composed of the national aspect issues; social management; design and producing; governmental youth policy.

Educational process at Youth Outreach successively combines traditional form of education and modern interactive educational techniques.

Educational process involves training in local administrative authorities and youth associations. During their training our students get the opportunity to establish partner connections with their future employers.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at “Modern Technologies in Youth Outreach” take part in following development works:

Development and introduction of the intraregional cooperation of Youth Outreach students. Within the frameworks of this project the Youth Outreach students from different universities and colleges can exchange their experience. It is assumed that there will be groups of activists who will participate in implementation of the programs created in the lifetime of the project, with further reinforcement of professional cooperation, establishment of contact between employers and students in Siberia.

Festival of national cultures. The project includes a number of events aimed at formation of tolerant relation to representatives of other nationalities living in Tomsk, acquaintance with cultural tradition of different ethnicities of the world. The festival is an innovative method of youth outreach.Elaboration of academic and social practices for the youth. The objective of this project consists in deployment, testing of academic and social skills and cognition of internal, secret gist of social reality. Within the frameworks of this project the students prepare descriptions and analyze research cases, interview the experts, analyze activities exercised by young people in particular spheres, elaborate the content of e-magazine, etc.