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Master Program: Economics

Program code: 38.04.01

Department of Economics

Economics as the major provides the combination of fundamental economic training with special knowledge in entrepreneurial economics. The graduates in this major are sought for specialists in entrepreneurial management, development of decisions for state authorities related to business regulation.

Master program “Economics in entrepreneurship” is a unique academic program, which provides comprehensive knowledge, required to start one’s own business, and an excellent background for work in various departments of companies and corporations.

The main advantage of the master program is its applied nature, the focus on actual entrepreneurial activity and the opportunity to reveal one’s potential as early as during the study.

The graduates of the master program may implement their knowledge and skills to create and develop their own business; work in economics, finance, marketing, and analytic departments of various companies, state and municipal authorities, scientific and educational institutions.

The program has partnerships with “Druzhba” business incubator that was recognized in 2014 as the best student business incubator in Russia, Forex-club, small and medium businesses related to TUSUR’s business environment, Administration of Tomsk.

The study process actively involves professionals with practical experience of entrepreneurial activity in various sectors of Russian economy, experts with hands-on experience of working in various companies.

Methods of training include interactive classes, discussions, business games, project work, preparation of startups, participation in conferences and contests, participation in research, carried out alongside other higher education institutions; the study of implementation of competency-based approach in education in cooperation with State University of Management and Finance University (Moscow); research of education quality management problems in cooperation with the National Union “Human resource management”.

The students may combine their study and work, since full-time classes take place in the evening and on Saturdays.

Graduate’s expertise and skills

The master program aims to train high qualification specialists, who can solve professional tasks, related to organization of entrepreneurial activity for small and medium businesses, setup finance and management accounting, analysis of finance and business activity, development of finance plans, elaboration of measures to reduce business and financial risks.

The training under the master program aims to develop the understanding of the economic essence of entrepreneurship, the main principles and regularities, which allows the graduates to identify the promising directions for entrepreneurial structures and develop strategies; develop and implement investment and innovative projects; evaluate and control the risks of entrepreneurial activity; carry out reasonable competition policy; generate new productive ideas for the efficient operation of an entrepreneurial structure.