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Master Programs: Management

Program code: 38.04.02

Department of Economics

Management as the major contains a “Business Management” master program, which is essential for successful development of economy, its industrial sector, including hi-tech, which requires high qualification specialists in business management, enterprise and entrepreneurial project management. Modern business prefers to hire new and replace their managers out of the pool of masters of management.

A master program in management is excellent for those who already have higher education and want to improve their level or get another of high professional level in one of the most currently demanded master programs: “Business management”. This is an attractive master program, which enables one to fulfill themselves in various fields of science, industry and entrepreneurship.

The master program in business management focuses on the advanced study of processes, related to operational management in entrepreneurial structures, finance institutions and research organizations. The graduates are managers, developers, analysts, experts and consultants, capable of making high quality management decisions and ensuring follow-up support.

The advantages of the master program:

  • Not just a second higher education, but a master’s degree in management.
  • Enrollment with any background, technical or liberal.
  • Combination of study and work.
  • The cost of study is paid back if one is employed at the departments of the Department of economics.
  • Learn from professionals. All the teachers of the master program are candidates and doctors of science with practical experience.
  • Individual curriculum.
  • Contests, competitions, grants and other activities.

Graduate’s expertise and skills

The expertise of the master program graduates includes:

  • Management in companies of any form of enterprise as frontline workers or managers in various departments of executive office;
  • Management in state and municipal authorities;
  • Entrepreneurial and organization activity in various structures, where the graduates act as entrepreneurs who create and develop their own business.
  • Scientific research activity in scientific organizations related to solution of management problems.

The master program graduate receives master’s degree and may work in the executive office of a company in any sector; work as researcher or research officer in scientific research institutions and scientific departments of companies; carry out organization and management or teaching activities in higher education institutions. A graduate may continue their study with a postgraduate program.