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Master Program: State and Municipal Administration

Program code: 38.04.04

Derartment of Information Processing Automation

The master program is a logical continuation of one’s education for those who aim to work at state and local authorities at the top-level positions in civil and municipal service.

A modern public servant is not a crusty bureaucrat who muddles in obscure papers or writes brief instructions on documents, but a specialist, who keeps in touch with the time and is sometimes capable of looking ahead of it. The objective of a public servant is to facilitate the dynamic development of economy and improve the quality of life for the people. This result may only be achieved if the person has the knowledge and skills in the field of social interactions, based on legal, economic and management disciplines.

The selected course to the formation of an information society in our country demands that a modern state/municipal public servant is fluent both in management and information technologies, which highlights the relevance of the master program.

The specific feature of this master program is that it focuses on training the specialists who master both the modern information and administrative-management technologies, including those, used for the making of an electronic government in the Russian Federation.

The team that has designed this master program has accumulated respectful background and unique experience in the fields relevant to the master program curriculum. Over a long period, the staff of the department apart from teaching formed and developed first the informatization systems and later the electronic government on the territory of Tomsk region and Tomsk, while leading relevant institutions and subdivisions of related authorities, dealing with such issues.

The academic process involves invited representatives of government authorities, which enables the students to immerse in the practical issues, relevant at the current stage of management system development, and contact the representatives of the professional community. The teaching staff actively carries out scientific work in the field of innovative state and municipal administration and serve as experts for various federal, regional and municipal authorities.

Graduate’s expertise and skills

In the context of modernization of state and municipal administration system, the graduates must be prepared to solve the tasks related to the upkeep of the functions of the existing systems, while maintaining its stability, and manage the changes.

The master program focuses on providing the students with expertise in the field of analytics and consulting, which stipulated the work with the bulk of professional information, preparation of information and guideline documents, regulatory and non-regulatory drafts (taking into account legal requirements). Attention is paid to activity related to projects aimed at upgrade, modernization and reforming of the state and municipal administration systems.