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Master programs: Software Development

Program code: 09.04.04

Department of Data Processing Automation

The master program in software development allows continuing one’s higher education to a more advanced professional level and obtaining the qualification that enables getting hired to both national and foreign hi-tech companies.

The modern process of software development imposes strict requirements to software engineers. Such specialists must have not only high level of programming skills, but also be capable to analyze the requirements of a given field, have excellent skills in engineering design, debugging, integration, documenting and resting of software.

The master program is designed to train specialists who have both excellent theoretical knowledge and skills that allow practical use of this knowledge to develop information technologies of various complexity.

The team that has designed this master program has accumulated respectful background and unique experience in the fields relevant to the master program curriculum. Over a long period, the staff of the department apart from teaching develop and implement software in various companies.

The academic process includes, apart from the teaching staff, invited heads and employees of the leading IT companies of Tomsk, who can transfer their experience in practical examples. The staff actively carry out research in software development and serve as experts in various bodies of federal, regional and municipal level.

Graduate’s expertise and skills

The subjects of professional activity for the graduates of the master program are:

  • Methods and algorithms of data processing in information computer systems.
  • Parallel, high-performance, and distributed information computer systems.
  • Industrial testing of software.
  • Programming languages and their compilers.
  • Network protocols and network services.
  • Operation systems.

The master program focuses on giving the graduates the expertise in software development, which stipulates the skills and methods of information acquisition, storage, transfer and processing by using modern computer technologies, including global computer networks; the skills, methods and algorithms to solve the issues of data processing, signal processing; the understanding of the current approaches to verification of software models.