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Alexander Uvarov talked TUSUR best practices to the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission

October 31, 2013

On October 29 TUSUR Vice Rector for Innovative Development and International Affairs Alexander Uvarov participated in the fourth session of the Innovation Working Group of the U.S.—Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission and told its members about the long experience TUSUR has in cooperation with the countries of North America.

Members of the Commission were particularly interested in learning about the innovative training methods employed by TUSUR, namely, the technology of web-based project learning and project-oriented online courses developed together with ESC SUNY based on the Coursera platform.

TUSUR has been running a joint curriculum with SUNY since 2006, making it possible for its students to receive American education online. This experience was recognized as the best practice and recommended for adoption to other top universities in the country.

Another focus of his speech which was received as enthusiastically was the experience in creating bridges for knowledge and technology transfer between TUSUR and the countries of North America. The many companies founded by TUSUR alumni in the US and Canada served to illustrate the demand for Russian technologies abroad and are a good example of mutually beneficial cooperation between the university and its alumni.

In conclusion of his speech Alexander Uvarov invited the American universities and industrial companies present to join the 2018 CyberSoccer Championship and suggested that the next session of the Working Group should be held in Tomsk in September 2014, simultaneously with the XII Triple Helix International Conference.

Source: Division of International Cooperation

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