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Alexander Uvarov: «To get students overcome the fear of risks, we have to share them”

September 03, 2013

On September, 2, the III University Technology Dialogue started its work in TUSUR. The Dialogue was organized though the joint effort of TUSUR and Ritsumeikan University (Japan). The University Technology Dialogue is designed to facilitate cooperation at the level of ideas and concepts, being a platform where young researchers can present their developments and discuss the perspectives for development of both technology and education.

As Viktor Kryssanov, professor of Ritsumeikan University and a former TUSUR student, noted in his welcome address, the conference is the first project in the history of Russia—Japan relations developed by engineering universities that resulted in creation of a joint Master degree program.

The University Technology Dialogue opened with the Plenary Discussion “Matching the University research with future industry needs”, held by Alexander Uvarov (TUSUR, Russia), Viktor Kryssanov (Ritsumeikan University, Japan), Ivoyl Koutsaroff (Murata Electronics, Japan), Yoshio Nakatani (Ritsumeikan University, Japan), Andrey Pozdnyakov (Elecard, Russia), Njuki Mureith (Po Polytechnique Montreal, Canada), Tom Whitaker (Motion Analysis, US), Marcos Pinotti Barbosa (Minas Gerais, Brazil).

The discussion focused on the problems of selection of the of the most promising research directions for international recognition and valorization, feedback from the most technologically advanced international corporations, foresights for future technology advancements, University-Industry-Government interaction for technological innovation development.

Many examples of successful cooperation between universities and high-tech enterprises were mentioned, including some of the TUSUR projects. The importance of international cooperation for development of universities and their interconnection with business was emphasised by Viktor Kyssanov: "I believe that Japan has these undeveloped opportunities for cooperation between business and research, including the opportunities to improve the efficiency of engineering education. I believe that it is possible, and it is necessary to make the connection between universities and business much stronger.”

The discussion finished with the presentation of the 2018 Cybersoccer World Cup. This project of TUSUR has already been embraced by the Governor of Tomsk region.

After a short break, the Dialogue continued with the invited talk by Professor Marcos Pinotti Barbosa "Bioengineering: Engineering Knowledge and Solutions for Life".

On September 3 the University Technology Dialogue will continue. The day’s sections will discuss brain-computer interfaces, technology in medicine, nie video compression standards, digital training and application software.

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