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Fantastic reality today – TUSUR hosts the University Technology Dialogue

September 07, 2013

The technologies of the future as routine – researchers from all over the world have come to Tomsk invited by TUSUR.

The University Technology Dialogue was organized by TUSUR and Ritsumeikan University to bring together specialists in different fields: engineering, human sciences, innovation, etc. The Dialogue was held entirely is English, making it even more appealing to foreign partners (this year representatives of 12 counties took part in the conference). The participants presented their research in robotics, digital archives, computational intelligence and brain-computer interface.

Particularly popular among the participants were the open lectures by both foreign and local speakers. Tomasz Rutkowski, professor of the University of Tsukuba, presented his invited tutorial “Multi–sensory Brain Computer Interfaces”, discussing the technology enabling computer control with brain action currents, without any bodily movements. Initially these technologies were developed for people with disabilities, but today they have found a wider range of applications: in driving, performing works that require high level of concentration, developing advanced computer games. Continuing the session, students of Ritsumeikan University demonstrated a device that makes it possible to control an image on the screen with the power of thought. The on-screen image followed the mental commands given by the student of Ritsumeikan University.

Tom Whitaker, CEO of Motion Analysis Corporation, talked about “Digital training in the virtual world”. In his talk, Mr. Whittaker addressed a major question: Do we teach or do we entertain? The idea of the technology described by Mr. Whitaker is that it minimizes the duration of 3D animation rendering. For example, while actors perform a scene in an empty room, the director will be able to see a 3D-rendered reality on the screen right away. Mister Whitaker demonstrated how the technology is used in military training – a special game helmet makes it possible to model realistic battle conditions for combat training: and in the children’s learning process – using the technology, children see their own avatar traveling in a fantasy reality.

Another interesting presentation was made by students of TUSUR who told about the Cybersoccer World Cup that TUSUR aspires to hold in 2018, simultaneously with the 2018 FIFA Work Cup that will be held in Russia. Cybersoccer is a game played by self-controlled anthropomorphic robots (all decisions are made by the robots without any human interference). It is envisaged that the cybersoccer players competing in Tomsk in 5 years are going to be at least 1.5 meters tall and will play in teams of 11 on soccer fields designed in accordance with the FIFA standards.

The next University Technology Dialogue will be held in a year. The foreign professors who had joined the Dialogue for the first time this year have already committed to return to Tomsk in 2014 together with their students, as they believe the format of the event offered by TUSUR and Ritsumeikan University to be progressive and productive.

Liliya Vygon

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