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First Dual Master Degree with Ritsumeikan University to be awarded this Summer

April 21, 2015

One of the most active international partnerships of TUSUR University is with Ritsumeikan University, Japan. The two universities partner for their annual University Technology Dialogue and joint projects in robotics, networking and training opportunities in innovation. One of the major aspects of this partnership is the joint Dual Master Degree program that was made official in September 2013. The program is based on the 1+1 principle, which means that exchange students spend equal time in partner universities. If they successfully complete their degree programs at both universities, they are awarded two diplomas – one from the Russian, and one from the Japanese university.

In April 2014 Dmitry Yakushin, a then-first year Master student of TUSUR University, became the first student to take this opportunity and travel to Japan for his year of study at Ritsumeikan University. During his stay Dmitry studied over ten new subjects and participated in robotics conferences and competitions. Over the course of his study Dmitry also worked on his project “Remote Software Testing System for Humanoid Robots” which included development of a server framework and an automated testing field.

In April 2015 Dmitry returned to Tomsk to complete his Master program and finalize his degree thesis. Upon completion of his program, he will receive a Master of Innovation diploma from TUSUR University, and after web-presentation for the qualification commission of Ritsumeikan University he will be awarded the Master of Engineering degree.

In late 2014 the two universities have provisionally agreed to drive their further partnership by creating a joint laboratory of robotics and tactile technology.

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