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Gleb Dvoryadkin of 2I attended the Global Future 2045

June 27, 2013

The Global Future 2045 conference was part of preparation to the Cybersoccer World Cup 2018.

The second Global Future 2045 (GF2045) conference held in Lincoln Center in New York discussed the new evolutional strategy of humanity aimed at overcoming the civilization challenges of the XXI century.

The conference brought together some of the leading scientists in neurophysiology, robotics, AI, as well as spiritual and community leaders.

Some of the speakers at the conference were Theodore Berger of the University of Suth California, the developer of the brain prosthesis technology, Alexander Kaplan, the founder of the Neurointerface Laboratory in Russia, Marvin Minsky, a co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT.

TUSUR is planning to host the 2018 Cybersoccer World Cup, and the participation of Gleb Dvoryatkin (2I) was part of the university’s preparation to this landmark event.

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