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Pakistani Student Presents Internship Project at TUSUR

January 15, 2018

A student of the NED University of Engineering and Technology (Karachi, Pakistan) Owais Khan has presented the results of his research project in HSDL.

Evgeny Rogozhnikov, Research Advisor to Owais Khan and Associate Professor at the Department of Telecommunications and Basic Principles of Radio Engineering says that in the space of the four weeks of his internship, the student has studied the subject matter of the project, developed the basic DTS design for power supply networks and studied the aspects of the channels.

«Owais’ research focused on the fundamental aspects of any telecommunications project. Given the short duration of his internship, he has completed a massive scope of work,» says Evgeny Rogozhnikov. Internships at TUSUR offer a heavy focus on practice, allowing students to apply their knowledge and carry out their own experiments using specialized hardware.

Owais Khan says that the experience gained during his internship at TUSUR will be a valuable asset in his future studies and professional life, and a great part of his practical tasks he could do for the first time. He adds that he chose TUSUR for internship upon the recommendation of fellow NED University students and because he wanted a chance.

  • Pakistani Student Presents Internship Project at TUSUR

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