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Researcher of the TUSUR Laboratory of Theoretical Cosmology has received the HAYKYAN 2016 Award

March 14, 2017

Junior Researcher of the International Laboratory of Theoretical Cosmology at TUSUR University Martiros Khurshudyan has received the HAYKYAN 2016 Award in recognition of his achievements in astrophysics and cosmology. HAYKYAN is an annual Armenian award aimed to celebrate and encourage excellence among Armenians in various areas, including science.

Martiros Khurshudyan focuses his research activities on mathematical modeling of dark matter and energy, in particular, testing of applicability of cosmological models with gravitational lensing. In 2016 alone he published 13 papers in high-impact journals. While still young, Martiros has an impressive h-index of 28.96.

«During my studies at Yerevan State University I was looking for the topic closer to my interests and I definitely decided to study the problems of the universe. Immediately my attention captured the accelerated expansion of the large scale universe and possible solutions of it either in form of dark energy, or modification of general relativity. From 2013 I started proposing cosmological models, which can be applicable to the problems of the large scale universe. I am a lucky person, since in my way I met Prof. Sergei Odintsov and recently I joined to his group (International Laboratory of Theoretical Cosmology) at TUSUR,» he says.

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