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Spin-Out Network of TUSUR Has 210+ Member Companies

December 06, 2018

Analysis carried out by TUSUR University shows that today, there are more than 210 high-tech companies in Tomsk that have been founded by its alumni.

This figure was announced by Rector Alexander Shelupanov at the Electronic Devices and Control Systems Conference.

“For a long time we were proud to say that more than 150 innovation and research-driven companies in Tomsk were founded by our alumni, generating about 80% of science-intensive products in the Tomsk region. However, our latest analysis shows that by now, TUSUR alumni have created more than 210 such companies,” said Alexander Shelupanov. The Rector added that these are primarily electronic and IT companies.

The University is currently analyzing the national and international markets to identify companies founded by its alumni in other Russian cities and abroad. According to preliminary data, about 17 companies operate in California.

The importance of the study is dictated by the strong ties that TUSUR maintains with the business community through delivery of professional training in accordance with the needs of the industry, implementation of joint projects with contribution from graduate and postgraduate students, etc.

The entrepreneurial focus of TUSUR alumni has been celebrated in the first 2018 Forbes Russian University Ranking. Universities were analyzed against 10 metrics grouped into three categories: education quality, graduate quality and the Forbes factor – measured based on the share of entrepreneurs among alumni.

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