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Student of TUSUR University included in the Russian National Team for the European Rowing Championship

May 21, 2015

Olga Khalaleeva, PhD student of TUSUR University, captured gold in the Russian Rowing Cup and Russian Championship where she competed in double and quad sculls. This success allowed the athlete to qualify for the European Rowing Championship that will open in Poznan, Poland on May 29.

The Russian Rowing Cup served as a qualification phase of the European Championship, where Olga competed as part of a double scull team with Anastasia Zhukova. The same team will go to Poland in May.

According to Sergei Verlin, head coach of the Russian national rowing team, the European championships will be the ‘dress rehearsal’ for the upcoming World Rowing Championships where first Olympic qualifications will be held.

Olga Khalaleeva is a trainee of Anatoly Ivanov, Inessa Bogomolova, Lidia Rantseva, Valentina Yakimenko of the Department of Sports Improvement in Rowing. Olga has been competing since 2009, she is a 2013 champion of Russia, was ranked among the top ten international student rowers in 2014.

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