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TUSUR a Golden League University in RUR: Russian Universities Ranking

May 22, 2020

Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics ranked 32nd in the RUR Countries Ranking, improving its 2019 result by 27 points.

TUSUR joined the Golden League in nearly all sub-rankings: Research, International Diversity, and Financial Sustainability; in the Teaching ranking, TUSUR was placed in the Bronze League. The University demonstrated its top results in Share of International Students, and in Research Income per Institutional Income.

In the most recent RUR World University Ranking, these were the University’s top dimensions as well: the Share of International Students placed it at the 187th position globally, and Research Income per Institutional Income, at the 95th position globally.

The RUR Russian Universities Ranking was first published in 2019.

About Round University Ranking

Round University Ranking (RUR) is an international ranking of universities published by the RUR Ranking Agency. The ranking has been providing an assessment of world’s 1,100 best universities from 82 countries since 2010, analyzing their performance across four dimensions: Teaching, Research, International Diversity, and Financial Sustainability. Its broad scope, in both time and geography, makes RUR rankings a unique tool for prospective students and faculty candidates, and for universities looking to analyze their performance in the global context.

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