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TUSUR and Dalian University of Technology have signed a cooperation agreement

February 03, 2017

TUSUR University and Dalian University of Technology (China) have signed an agreement for cooperation in research. The two universities have agreed to carry out joint research in gas discharge physics and emission electronics.

The agreement identifies potential areas for joint research, among them electron emitters and plasma emitters, high-voltage vacuum and non-vacuum electron-beam sources, power equipment, gas dynamic and gas discharge systems for electron beam transport, plasma and electron beam diagnostics, measurement automation. The two universities will also be cooperating in development of vacuum and non-vacuum electron-beam technology: welding and metal arc cutting, electron-beam surfacing, etc.

Plasma physics is the focus research area of the TUSUR Department of Physics. In 2016 the Department successfully completed its project for creation of plasma-emitting non-vacuum electron-beam systems for the purposes of the Federal Special Purpose R&D Program.

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