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TUSUR Ranked Among Top Universities With Highest Research Income

April 10, 2020

TUSUR University was listed among universities with the most prolific R&D activities, as published by the News Agency Rossiya Segodnya within the framework of its Social Navigator project. The rating is based on the 2019 Demand Ranking of Russian Universities.

The publication «High-Demand Science: 10 Universities With Top Research Income» by the Information Agency Novosti offers an overview of ten universities that are notable for the high level of commercialization of their intellectual assets that the authors hold as one of the criteria of success of university-based R&D. «Universities with a high research potential train and support future scientists, and the high demand for their research output drives the highly productive work of their laboratories and design centers», the authors conclude.

TUSUR University is included in the list among such prominent universities as the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Saint Petersburg Academic University, ITMO, Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, and others.

TUSUR is singled out as a university where «students are taught to see the connection between research and business and introduced to the concept of business based on the intellectual product». The publication also references the fact that 80% of high-technology products in Tomsk region are generated by businesses that span out of TUSUR or are led by its alumni.

TUSUR University is recognized for its long tradition of research and innovation. More than 40% of the university budget is generated by research. For over 15 years, TUSUR has been developing as an innovation-focused entrepreneurial university that implements large-scale projects with major industrial partners. The university has created an extensive innovation infrastructure that helps drive student entrepreneurship and train young professionals capable of creating high-technology businesses based on original ideas. The technology of project-based group learning employed by TUSUR University as part of its curriculum has helped TUSUR alumni create more than 200 high-tech companies in Tomsk alone.

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