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TUSUR to Launch a Joint Master Program with Polytech Nantes

June 09, 2017

TUSUR University is developing a joint Dual-Degree Master Program with the Polytechnic School of the University of Nantes (France).

The two universities have discussed the future joint program during the visit of Eduardo Motta Kruz, Head of the Department of Telecommunications and Networks at Polytech Nantes. At TUSUR, the program will be organized by the Department of Telecommunications and Basic Principles of Radio Engineering and will be offering a major in Embedded Wireless Systems.

Head of the Department of Telecommunications and Basic Principles of Radio Engineering Alexander Geltser says that embedded systems are a highly valued professional specialization in the industry, especially in research and production companies. And the same time, graduates of the new program will have a wider range of competencies than graduates of similar TUSUR-only programs, as the new curriculum will be developed at the intersection of TUSUR programs on digital signal processing and embedded systems and the Polytech Nantes programs on specific aspects of digital signal processing. Despite their specialization in telecommunication, the graduates will be versatile professionals, capable of working with a variety of radio engineering systems.

Today the global market experiences a shortage of professionals capable of working with embedded (and wireless) systems. At the same time, both TUSUR University and Polytech Nantes possess extensive experience with specialized projects in embedded systems, having developed high-tech solutions for a variety of industries and markets.

The new Master Program will be the second joint program offered by TUSUR in collaboration with a French university. The first such program was launched in 2016 together with the University of Limoges. Like its predecessor, the new program will be taught in English and the students will spend their first year of study in Tomsk, and the second one, at Polytech Nantes in France where they will complete work placement at some of the leading European telecommunication enterprises. Upon completion of their studies, the students will obtain two Master Degree diplomas.

As of today, TUSUR and Polytech Nantes have closed their cooperation agreement. Apart from the joint program, the agreement lays the foundation for joint research and development projects in telecommunications and networks.

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