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TUSUR University to Hold First RoboCup in Russia

February 19, 2016

The first national phase of the International Robocup Competition in Russia will be held in Tomsk, part of the Popular Science Festival RoboScience Tomsk – 2016. The Festival is hosted and operated by TUSUR University.

TUSUR Rector Alexander Shelupanov says that just a year ago, the idea of holding a robot football championship in Tomsk could sound like fantasy, but driven by its spirit of innovation and its high-tech expertise, the University have made it a reality today, engaging both its faculty and students in preparations for the event.

The program of the RoboScience Festival will include educational lectures in robotics, presentation of high-tech projects, and a robotics exhibition. The RoboCup competition itself will be divided into three RoboCup Junior leagues: Junior Soccer, Junior Rescue, and Junior Dance.

The Russian phase serves as a qualification round for the RoboCup 2016 World Finale, which will be held in Leipzig. TUSUR University has been competing in RoboCup competitions since 2013, when it became the winner of the RoboCup Japan Open and proceeded to enter the top ten teams at the RoboCup 2013 World Finale in Eindhoven. In 2015, the TUSUR team finished second in the Dance league of the RoboCup German Open.

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