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Research portfolio

This research portfolio presents scientific and technological developments by researchers of TUSUR University in the University’s key areas of research.

Intelligent Thermosabilizing Coatings

The new intelligent thermostabilizing coatings are formed by detonation layering or by application of paint made of barium titanate zirconate powder and rare-earth metal manganite with controllable phase transition and high resistance to radiation.

Aerdvanced matials and materials technology Metallurgy Nanotechnology Power industry and energy efficiency Space

Ultra High Frequency Receiving Module and Chip Set for Radio-Location Systems with Digital Phased Antenna Arrays, and Other SoC Radio Engineering Systems

This ultra high frequency single-chip receiving module is designed for radio location systems with multi-channel digital phased antenna arrays and for other radio engineering systems.

Electronic components Instrument engineering Microwave technology Nanotechnology Radio engineering Radio monitoring Security and counterterrorism

Porous Films with Low Dielectric Permittivity

The new technology is designed to be used in manufacturing of microwave electronics and is unique in that it offers a simple method for manufacture of porous dielectric layers.

Advanced materials and materials technology Electronic components Electronics Microwave technology Nanotechnology