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Research portfolio

This research portfolio presents scientific and technological developments by researchers of TUSUR University in the University’s key areas of research.

Automated Test Complex for Measurement and Functional Control of Spacecraft PCU Parameters

This automated test complex (ATC) for spacecraft power conditioning units (PCU) is a multi-purpose system that consists of independent devices – solar array and battery simulators, load simulators, control and test station and measurement tools that can be controlled automatically or by an operator working in special software at an automated workplace.

Air transport Devices and hardware systems Power industry and energy efficiency Space Tests / diagnostics

Charge-Discharge Software/Hardware Complex (CDSHC)

The software/hardware complex is designed to function as a charge-discharge and diagnostic device for nickel-hydrogen and Li-ion batteries at the stages of development, manufacture and ground operation.

Power industry and energy efficiency Space Devices and hardware systems Tests / diagnostics