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Bachelor Program “Informatics and Computer Engineering”

Program code: 09.03.01

Specialization: Software for Engineering Computer and Automated Systems
Department of Automated Control Systems

Computer technology and automated systems have already become an integral part of our society. It is impossible to imagine our lives without smartphones with plenty different applications, PCs, and supercomputers that can beat a person in chess or help us investigate the outer space.

Specialists of this sector can develop computer technologies and systems and introduce these developments into various areas of human activities. Such specialists create controllers that help factory machines work, provide elevator control systems to tall buildings, develop control systems for aerospace machinery and robots. With the constant need in new software comes the growing need in the professionals capable of working with it.

Considering labor market demands and high level of competition in this area, and extra attention is given to the education process. The teaching is done partly by the leading IT-specialists from Tomsk region. Professionals talk about practical implementation of knowledge by their own experience.

By the end of their studies students possess a large spectrum of professional competences: they are able to create information systems and system complexes; to develop different types of software that takes into account various design methods; to realize and exploit information systems.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the “Software for computer equipment, systems and networks” Master degree program.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at "Software for Computer Engineering and Automated Systems" participate in following development works:

Satellite data processing. In this project, students create a system based on satellite signals and computing methods. It is planned that system will receive satellite data in high quality using parallel data processing technologies. This research is of interest to TUSUR research institute of space technology and SB RAS Institutes.

Development of a robot control system for complex environment. This project is aimed on using mathematical modelling methods to create a mechanism that allows a robot to move independently in unknown conditions, i.e. – a complex environment. This development is mainly of interest to Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM of Russia).

«Avatar» creation. Researchers work on the creation of avatars – virtual network assistants endued with artificial intellect. In case of success, it is planned to implement it in a high-tech market.

Specialization: Computer-Aided Management for Business and Finance
Department of Economic Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics

Students study design of models for business operations management, use of information technologies and assessment of manufacturing efficiency. Today, when the companies straggle for customers the competition of products and services is replaced by the competition of business models and dynamic organizational skills.

Field of expertise

Students following this major get knowledge of modern computer technologies, networks and systems, their mathematical and informational provision; they also master design approaches and methods, debugging and production for technical and programming tools; understand informatization and computerization methods for various manufacturing and administrative systems.

Master degree

The department welcomes bachelors of “Informatics and Computer Engineering” and related specializations continue their studies with Master Program “Dataware and Software of Automated Systems”.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at "Computer-aided management for business and finance " participate in following development works:

Prognostic models in economics. Determination of the most sufficient models for time series behavior prediction. This research is connected with the certainty value of predicted results, obtained with the Elliott theory, Gunn and Murray Math, “candle” analysis, and multidimensional regression. Comparative analysis of provided models can be used to formulate substantiated recommendations for both starter investors and experienced stock market “players”.

Determination of time series regularities during state identification of sophisticated management objects. A synthesis of weakly formalized dynamic object management, based on non-linear adaptation on varieties, and coordinates reconstruction for a complex object with deficient analytical description by means of regularities determination in a state space.

Development of applied software to determine services' target costs. Software aims to calculate the target costs for services, provided by governmental institutions.

Specialization: Computer-aided design systems
Department of Computer Control and Design Systems

Computing technology has already become an integral part of a modern life It is now impossible to imagine our lives without mobile phones with plenty of different applications installed, PCs, supercomputers that can beat a person in chess or help us investigate the outer space.

The Bachelor Program in Informatics and Computer Engineering is focused on preparing specialists capable of designing and exploiting the programming and computer-aided design systems of a wide spectrum, including radioelectronics, micro- and nanoelectronics.

Bachelors acquire a wide spectrum of skills, such as: programming in modern languages; programming sophisticated design systems based on CASE-technologies and UML; using artificial intelligence languages (SWI-Prolog, Lisp, and Haskell). While accomplishing their study tasks, students use the design principles of Web and mobile applications (under Android, Windows Phone, iOS etc.); design principles of local and distributed databases; methods of complex technical devices and systems visual design; design and maintenance of 1C-type programs and databases for business and home-use purposes; project management instruments.

Master degree

After obtaining their Bachelor degree, students can continue their studies with the "Informatics and Computer Engineering" Master degree programme.

Participation in real projects

TUSUR University allows students to take part in Project-Based Group Learning (PBGL). Students at "Computer-aided design systems" participate in following development works:

Mobile applications development. Students take part in the design of applications for mobile devices under iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Among these software is an “Electronic timetable application" designed for Windows Phone. This application allows the automatic expert evaluation and summarizing of various students competitions. This development enables the jury and experts to do the opportunity of electronic assessment, save results on the server, and process the of results. The end product is a mobile and web application for both students and university staff .

Programming complex for analyzing, processing and storing the results of microwave measurement. At Laboratory "Intelligent computer systems", together with PhD students, Bachelor students develop a hardware and a software complex to automate the measurement, visualization processing and storage of the parameters of the components for the microwave monolithic integrated circuit , and the design on their basis the models for the components. This project is being developed for the Research and education center “Nanotechnology” of TUSUR University. The commercialization of the complex is scheduled for the nearest future.