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Contest for the annual probation at the American university

April 14, 2008

The contest for the annual probation at the American university was announced within the partnership between TUSUR Institute of Innovation and Enterprise Center of Washington University in Saint-Louis, state of Missouri, the USA.

The program is intended for researchers, who want to receive experiment of commercialization in unique innovative sphere. The participants of the program can study the intense course in the field of innovation and enterprise will cooperate with the office of Technological Management, with the representatives of the Washington and Missouri universities.

Requirements to the candidates are:

  • Academic degree of Candidate of Science;
  • Knowledge of English at ADVANCED level;
  • Knowledge in the field of commercialization working;
  • Recommendation of the department.

The participants of the program will be given cash benefit, which is enough for defrayal of primary expenses during the stay in the USA.

You can find more detailed information in the booklet of Washington University in English.

News source: the Department of International Cooperation, TUSUR.

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