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TUSUR Joins Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021

September 04, 2020

Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics has joined the circle of world universities ranked by the UK-based Times Higher Education (THE).

TUSUR University has ranked 17th in Russia and 1001+ in the THE World University Rankings 2021. The Rankings include 1,527 best global universities total, including 48 universities representing Russia.

The ranking of TUSUR University in the 2021 edition of the THE WUR was made possible by the boost in the publication activity of its faculty and researchers: compared to 2014, the number of TUSUR-affiliated papers indexed by Scopus has grown 3.5 times, and the number of citations has grown more than 20 times. Its best position globally is 220th in the Industry Income subranking. In addition, TUSUR shows a high performance in its traditionally strong area of internationalization (International Outlook subranking), owing to the high share of international students in its student population.

«The results of our university in THE WUR 2021, and in particular its performance in the Industry Income subranking are a welcome recognition of our achievements and practices: we have always been actively cooperating with industrial partners and focusing heavily on applied technology for the real economy. More than 48% of our income is from innovation, and our R&D output per faculty member is more than two million rubles. An important factor that boosts the development of joint university-business projects is our «innovative belt» of 210+ partner companies. More recently, three regional centers of the National Technology Initiative at TUSUR University have been a valuable venue that combines the interests of science and industry with a focus on wireless communications, IoT, sensorics, and quantum technology», says TUSUR Rector Victor Rulevsky.

He adds that in the coming years, TUSUR University will be focusing heavily on these areas, in addition to microelectronics, secure digital environment and cyber digital systems, space science, engineering and biomedicine.

TUSUR President Alexander Shelupanov notes that university rankings are not a goal in itself, but an important and very valuable performance indicator and result.

«The last five years have witnessed a substantial transformation of the scientific, educational and innovative ecosystem of our university. By diversifying our basic and applied research and focusing it on addressing national technology challenges, we were able to create a large pool of technology business partners. And that is exactly why the development of TUSUR as a university focused on research and entrepreneurship is driven by the pursuit of new breakthrough technologies in our areas of expertise. Our leading positions in the Industry Income subranking demonstrate that the strategy of our university works. That reaffirms our confidence in the principles that are reflected in our 2035 Strategic Academic Leadership Program», says the President of TUSUR University.

THE WUR rankings are based on 13 criteria grouped into five pillars. World universities are assessed through their citations, innovation, income from research, quality of teaching, international outlook, etc.

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