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TUSUR pilot is among winners of the competition in China
June 10, 2009

Ivan Kravtsov, the leader of the TUSUR paragliding club «Podnebesye» became third in the pre-World Cup.

Successful defence in the Netherlands
May 14, 2009

 A representative of TUSUR Galina Babur successfully defended her dissertation at University of Technology in Delft.

Presentations by TUSUR delegates were of great interest for Beijing symposium participants
April 07, 2009

TUSUR delegates made three presentations at the international conference-symposium PIERS-2009 (Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium), which took place in Beijing in late March.

TUSUR signed agreement on cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)
February 10, 2009

In early February TUSUR and Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan) signed a Memorandum of Understanding.